We are glad to have you here! ♥

Bunabee is the creation of Anett and Adam, a Hungarian couple. We live and work in Budapest - the capital city of Hungary - in the middle of Europe.

Our core principle is Artistic Happiness

We believe that art can make us happy and our world a better place. When designing a new product, the most crucial factor for us is to impact you and your environment positively.

To achieve this, we base our work on the following pillars:

Proud Smile

Our products are cute and proud. We'd like to see a proud smile on your face when you wear or use our products. Proud because you are making the world a better place, being yourself, and smiling because you love what you wear or use.

Outstanding Quality

While we love cute, we are passionate about precision and quality, so we carefully choose our print and fulfillment partners to ensure the highest possible quality. If our products do not meet expectations, we are happy to refund you within 30 days.

Environment Friendly

The Earth is our only home for now. (Elon, we are watching you...) It is evident that we have to protect our planet, so we use environment-friendly packaging and degradable materials when possible. Plus, our shipping methods are carbon neutral.

Art is Value

Art is not a solid object in its pure form, but still, it has enormous value. We respect others' intellectual properties and only use our unique handcrafted designs. In return, we kindly ask you to respect our rights and do not use our graphics commercially. (Of course, we would be more than happy to see you share pictures on social media.)